What is industrial real estate and what does it consist of?

Since the very dawn of the industrial revolution, the logistics of production and transportation of consumer goods has continued to evolve into the complex industrial fabric that we know today. And, because this sector is so important to the framework of our society, industrial real estate is a valuable asset for generating business and employment.

Industrial real estate is a crucial support element for the global economy. These properties serve as essential places to produce, store, or otherwise distribute the goods and products needed by world trade. For that reason, a well-located, high-quality industrial real estate project is key to keeping the world’s economy running smoothly.

GK, leader in the industrial real estate industry in Central America for more than 20 years, is one of the pioneers in the development of this kind of infrastructure. It is precisely today, in times when normality has changed and trade has slowed down, that GK projects become a critical component of the global supply chain.

What is industrial real estate?

Industrial real estate refers to properties used to develop, manufacture, or produce goods and products, as well as the construction of logistics real estate that supports the movement and storage of such products. These buildings are often not as glamorous as other types of real estate, for example those used for offices or commercial stores.

However, it is not too early to re-emphasize that they are vital, as these properties represent the workhorses of the modern industrial economy. In several Central American countries there are usually areas designated for industrial properties that are scattered throughout the zoning map of their territory.

In general, it is the private companies that develop them together with the governments who decide where these spaces are built and operated, so that their activity does not interrupt the businesses or residences of the particular population.

There are many different facets to the industrial sector, and because of this, there is a wide range of properties that cater to different industries. For that reason, it is important for investors to recognize the differences in each type of industrial property before determining which one to settle on.

The main industrial real estate projects under the umbrella of GK

Green Valley Industrial Park

Green Valley Advanced Manufacturing Hub is the largest, most technologically advanced, and most environmentally friendly industrial project in all of Latin America. Spanning more than 500 acres of lush green land located in northern Santa Barbara County, Honduras, Green Valley offers solutions for global manufacturing companies: from design, engineering, or construction, to needs-based facilities. specific to any type of business situation.

Zoli Pride

Zoli Pride is an industrial park developed for one of our main clients and associates in the city of La Ceiba, Honduras. The park began its operations in September 2005, offering our products and services of proven high quality.

Campeche Services Consortium

The Campeche Services Consortium was established with the specific purpose of providing manufacturing clients from around the world with world-class industrial facilities in southern Mexico with abundant skilled labor at a very competitive cost. The Consortium offers a wide variety of solutions that function as a one-stop shop: from construction programs to joint ventures, logistics, and outsourcing.

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