The new modernity demands to be always prepared: the essential kits from GK

Despite the fact that the Covid-19 virus has mutated and new variants appear, most countries have continued to reactivate their essential activities, which has not been advised against by experts, but today more than ever it should continue to be maintained. the minimum biosecurity measures if you do not want to return to the confinements.

Both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), of the United States, and the World Health Organization recommend that people keep an essential kit for the home, with the aim of preventing hospitalization of people who could get the virus.

Vaccination is not at this time the best guarantee against contagion, since new variants, and others that may arise in the future, are capable of modifying the effect of vaccines from a very accurate one to a much more moderate one. For this reason, kits are added to masks and distancing as the best prevention weapons.

In the midst of this context, it is fortunate that the production of masks and essential kits has not stopped for GK, the leader in the manufacture of textiles in the Central American region, with a presence in countries such as Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, and the United States.

When fighting such an intense and protracted battle against a pandemic, you need to have enough ammunition in your arsenal. With hospitals saturated to capacity in many countries, each of us has a responsibility to store at least one essential Covid kit at home.

GK essential kits

According to specialists, the absolute basics that every home should have today include: a thermometer, a blood pressure machine, an infection prevention kit consisting of a set of masks, gloves, and disinfectants. It is also noted that the most important devices that should be included are: a glucose monitor and a pulse oximeter.

Of all these elements, GK specializes in prevention kits, and makes three very practical options available to the public:

A kit for work, a custom kit, and a kit for family care.

essential kits

Each of these personalized bags contains the perfect essentials to be on the go, with its lightweight and easy-to-carry design that is ideal for any type of event, flights, school activities, leisure activities, sporting events, or concerts.

This kind of kit is essential to fight the spread of Covid-19. The bags that contain the kits are also made with a 100% premium quality for a durable design that gives you an easy-access zip closure to keep your essentials safe while you worry about your daily activities.

Each kit contains the following essential personal protection items:

  • Masks
  • Gloves
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Disinfectant wipes for surfaces

This kit is designed to protect and help minimize exposure to potentially harmful contaminants in whatever environment you deem necessary. So now you know, if many thought that with the vaccination campaigns the problem would be solved, they have been wrong.

The variants that are appearing, as well as the lack of a 100% effective vaccine and pharmacological therapies to treat all people sick with Covid-19, make preventive measures that were considered too “simple”, such as having an essential kit remain the most effective strategies to stay safe from the virus.


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