The high standards of the workforce in Honduras

The true economic engine of a country is the productivity of its people. In Honduras, important steps have been taken to prepare its source of talent, and to allow it to enter new lines of business. Today, one of its greatest strengths is the availability and quality of its workforce.

Honduras ensures an advantageous demographic bonus in Central America, with a high percentage of the young population. The country has a workforce of 3.4 million, which means that a high percentage of the population is productive. Of the workforce, 2.2 million are between 18 and 35 years old, which translates into a young and vibrant human resource, available to work in any industry. Also, English language proficiency is high among the younger generations.

According to different forecasts, the demographic bonus will reach its highest peak between 2045 and 2050, resulting in two generations that can take full advantage of the productive market. This opportunity has been considered unique and unrepeatable for the country, which has been encouraged to invest in its workforce through reforms in its educational quality, as well as in its information technologies.

The country has a goal of having 250,000 Hondurans studying English as a second language in the next few years. In reality, the circumstances of the country have allowed an important availability of highly qualified people in this language. The proximity to the United States, and the influence of the television industry also imported from that country, gives Honduran citizens a cultural affinity with American society. In recent years, more than 10,000 positions have been filled with young professionals, especially within the BPO / Call Center industry.

Workers’ compensation in Honduras is one of the lowest in the region, and salary scales will continue to be manageable in the near future due to the union of efforts between the private, government, and academic sectors, with the aim of creating synergies to support the growth and sustainability of foreign companies. As a country, Honduras is committed to developing the human capital necessary for a strong BPO sector, as the industry offers access to reliable jobs for its young and bilingual citizens.


GK invests in the Honduran workforce

That is why providing quality educational opportunities will always be a permanent effort for GK. The Group is deeply satisfied with changing children’s lives and impacting many future generations. This is why the company has focused on developing social projects to convert PUBLIC BASIC EDUCATION CENTERS into first-rate Bilingual Schools.

This helps to ensure better opportunities in their professional future, giving the possibility for more young people to continue their university studies and have access to higher education, as well as scholarships. This will also give them the opportunity to enter the BPO workforce, making it sustainable and ensuring the continuity of this business in the country.


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