Three initiatives that show GK’s environmental responsibility

Environmental responsibility is an issue that many companies have begun to integrate into their corporate values. This is the case of GK, a leading organization in the textile, real estate, technology, agriculture and lifestyle sectors, with presence in Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, United States, Pakistan and United Arab Emirates.

GK has sought to create projects that contribute to the social and economic development of the countries where it operates through a model that promotes sustainable growth.

GK’s strategies are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals and have created a quality infrastructure that includes universal standards such as ISO 14000 and 26000 and standards such as WRAP, Zero Waste and Great Place to Work.

Through the GK Foundation, the greatest potential for sustainable growth is promoted for the communities, through the execution of projects in the areas of Health, Education, Nutrition and Environment.

60% of the installed energy capacity in their operations comes from renewable sources, they produce and plant more than 100,000 trees, and 90% of their waste in administrative operations is recycled, thanks to which they expect to reach 100% for the year 2025.

Some of the initiatives that are aligned with GK’s commitment to environmental responsibility include:

Zero Waste Program

This program is aligned with SDG 12: Responsible Production and Consumption, through which it has been possible to reduce air, water and soil pollution, promoting a circular economy, a culture of reuse and recycling, and the reduction of the carbon footprint.

Water treatment plant

Within GK’s industrial real estate business is the Green Valley Advanced Manufacturing Hub, which is considered the most technologically advanced and greenest eco-industrial development in the region. Among the systems that its first-class infrastructure has is a water treatment plant, which has a capacity of more than 20,000 cubic meters per day and processes 100% of the water used, which is filtered before being returned to the environment. .

Altia Smart City

Another of the SDGs that GK seeks to meet is SDG 9: Industrial, Innovation and Infrastructure. Among its various buildings are smart cities such as Altia Smart City, which is the first of its kind in Latin America, and is designed for the IT service industry, BPOs and ITOs.

Altia Smart City has developed a 360 model that has led companies to achieve high levels of global competitiveness, not only creating disruptive business models, but also contributing to society and the environment. In fact, for its social impact, Altia allocates 14% of its economic value to social and environmental investments.

GK’s impact on the environment

The following table shows the equivalent actions of the efforts made by GK both through the Green Valley Advanced Manufacturing Hub and Altia Smart City at an environmental level:

Three initiatives that show GK's environmental responsibility

Thanks to these initiatives, GK has managed to have a positive impact in the communities where it operates, bringing economic, social and environmental benefits.

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